The Future Of Cryonics

Living Forever: 
      Cryonics is the preservation of humans (or animals) for revival at a later time. This means freezing organisms to ~-321 °F for as long, until science has the knowledge to revive you.
     This may remind you of the frozen woolly mammoth that was found a few years ago.[6] Scientists plan to revive the woolly mammoth, but not in the same way cryonics would.
      Due to damage from the ice, the only method is to either revive it by gathering sperm from it and impregnate an elephant, or making a clone of it by using its DNA.

     At Alcor (a well known company that has administered these preservations to over 200 people) to protect from the ice damage they will inject Cryoprotectants within minutes of death.

    These natural and artificial chemicals make up a mixture to make the least toxicity. Nevertheless, that still remains in the top of the problems of reviving dead humans. In addition, even with Cryoprotectants, Ice damage still occurs.

    Currently there are two methods for extended living. Whole Body Transplant and just a Head Removal. The most realistic for revival right now would surprisingly be the Head Transplant. Compared to the Whole Body Transplant, the cheaper priced head removal has been successfully tested in 1970 on monkeys but only when the head was kept alive. Robert J. White proved that head to body transplants are possible, but not finalized. Being Paralyzed was an inevitable out come of doing such a surgery.

Ready For Revival?
   Head Transplants are Possible now. New methods that change cryonics from preservation to Suspended animation make this a reality. Supercooling water makes freezing the whole body within seconds without ice formation. When water is supercooled it is able to be lower than its freezing point further protecting it. Since the body will not be harmed by ice formation or cryoprotectants this already makes revival easier.

    If a body (or head) is "frozen" with supercooling prior to dying, this will put the body in a state of suspended animation. This can then be reversed by known methods, such as a shock to the heart and return to normal temperature. Animals have been recovered in labs after going through suspended animation numerous times.

    Many methods are possible, but only further research can determine which is best. For Example: Pumping the body (or just consuming) prior to supercooling, with HDL water [2], will result in effective cooling. Many studies include giving an animal hydrogen sulfide gas for hours at a time, making the animals in a suspended animation, then reviving. The easiest known method is to dissolve the water with salt or another solvent, though that wouldn't work through out the whole body.

   Living Forever, Though not perfected, and some aspects are illegal in some countries, is possible right now. Further research will only make methods safer and more effective. Current methods are supported by many scientists, but perhaps the future of cryonics and other similar sciences will lead to unopinionated fact, that living forever is possible.

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